play:Sub Music Streamer plays music from your Subsonic server to your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Chromecast device or Subsonic Jukebox.
Enjoy your music everywhere, anytime, in the quality you decide!

play:Sub supports playback of most audio formats like FLAC, MP3, AAC and more.
Lossless and gapless playback is supported, as well as crossfading between tracks.

Use the 10-band fully customizable equalizer to get the right sound.
The equalizer has presets for common genres and scenarios.
Apply crossfade and replay-gain for the perfect listening experience.

Browse your music your way, be it by folder, artist, album, decade.
Control playback using gestures, buttons or remote controlled from you headset.
Play on anything: builtin speaker, headphones, Bluetooth connected headphones/amp/speaker/car-stereo or AirPlay devices.

play:Sub streams your music over any connection, and caches songs for when connectivity is bad.
Played songs are cached automatically, and you can manually cache individual songs or entire folders, artists or albums.

• Dark and light UI themes
• All orientations, incl. iPad multitasking support.

• FLAC, AAC, ALAC, MP3, MP4, OGG, WAV, AIFF and more
• Plays most audio formats without transcoding
• WMA using transcoding to MP3
• Lossless playback without transcoding
• Gapless playback
• 10-band equalizer
• Crossfade
• Replay Gain / Volume Normalization.
• HI-rez digital output up to 24bit / 192 kHz supported.

• Phone, iPad or iPod.
• Chromecast
• Jukebox

• Artist radio.
• Artit top songs
• Similar artists
• Be inspired by random artist, album or songs
• Play random songs in a genre.

• Artists, Albums, Songs
• Folders
• Playlists, Favorites, Genres
• Podcasts, Audiobooks, Bookmarks
• Decades
• Filter by Subsonic mediafolder

• Create, update and delete playlists
• Re-order playlist tracks
• Personal and shared playlists
• Cache complete playlists to device
• Full playlist support in both online and offline mode
• Playlist changes are synced at first chance

• Starring of artists, albums, tracks and folders
• Starring works in both online and offline mode
• Items starred when offline is synced at first chance
• Easily filter lists for starred content

• View All, Random or Starred albums from a genre
• View Random or Starred songs from a genre

• Long-press any item to show relevant actions
• Easily navigate between associated artist, album, tracks and folders
• Add tracks, albums, artists or folders to playlists
• View and manage caching
• Swipe-to-reveal shortcuts
• Access different views by tapping the list title

• Automatic caching of played tracks, pre-cache upcoming tracks
• Manually cache selected folders, artists, albums or tracks
• Configurable cache parameters
• Upgrade cached audio to better bitrate when available

• Play cached music when connectivity is bad
• Show only cached content
• Same user interface in online and offline mode

• AirPlay, Bluetooth, remote control, lock screen & control center integration
• Support iOS’ sleep timer
• Resumes music after being interrupted by phone calls
• Background downloads

• SSL, self-signed certificates
• Secure authentication for Subsonic 5.3+ servers
• Connection dependent bitrate; bitrate settings for cellular and wifi, override settings for slow/fast WiFi networks

• Scrobbles to if configured on the server.
• Updates Now Playing on the server.
• Updates server-playcounts when playing cached content.
• Music played while offline is scrobbled when online again.

NOTE: a licensed installation of Subsonic 4.8 or higher is required.
Some features need a higher Subsonic server version (Top Songs, Artist Radio, Similar Artists, Imagery, Album Info)


Versie 1.10.3

Mediafolders, decades browsing, bugfixes
play:Sub now (finally) supports Subsonic mediafolders.
Most content are now filterable by mediafolder.

You can now browse your artists, albums and song by decade.

New Now possible to seek from the lockscreen.
New Caching indicator now doubles as starring indicator.
New Optionally disable header image on queue.
Fixed Workaround for AirSonic server not returning content-type for fullsize cover images.
Fixed Workaround for Funkwhale servers not returning the correct content-type for FLAC files.
Fixed Paged player did not rotate upside-down.
Fixed Offline mode would occasionally not be properly detected.
Fixed Occasionally the resume position would not be stored.
Fixed (1.10.1) Random songs would not load.
Fixed (1.10.2) Crash when user has access to no mediafolders.
Fixed (1.10.3) Rare crash when loading data from server.

For feature requests or issues:
please use the in-app form (play:Sub | Feedback),
or the contact form on

Beoordelingen en recensies

4.1 van 5
7 beoordelingen
7 beoordelingen
Pol2016 ,

Still lacking decent cache options

After trying it for many times, i am bound to give up. It’s a nice looking app, but the caching is absolutely horrible. When u cache an album it afterwards gets overwritten by other albums or songs you play. Useless. Beside this issue it would be #1 subsonic app without a doubt.

posthok ,

Great program to stream front subsonic. 4 stars! !

Great program to stream front subsonic. 4 stars and it wil be 5 stars if you could add lyric support.

Reactie van ontwikkelaar ,

play:Sub already will display lyrics received from the Subsonic server.
I you select the context menu on the player screen, then "About", you will get to an information page containing lyrics, artist and album information.

play:Sub depends on the server to supply the lyrics.

Newer versions of the Subsonic server software read lyrics from metadata tags in addition to using an online lyrics service.

Abcdefghikkl ,

Excellent subsonic player

This app is very good, especially compared to the other Subsonic streaming apps. I like the design a lot. It plays ALAC files as well as the other popular formats. The performance with large playlists (> 10.000 songs) is impressive.


Michael Hansen
21.5 MB
Vereist iOS 10.0 of nieuwer. Compatibel met iPhone, iPad en iPod touch.
Deens, Duits, Engels
Beoordeeld 4+
© 2015-2018 Michael Bech Hansen
€ 5,49
In-app aankopen
  1. Track Tip € 2,29
  2. EP Tip € 4,49
  3. Album Tip € 9,99


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