Crashed and lost in space, Star Cat wishes to see his family again and return home. At the cusp of giving up, a glimmer of hope appears and a light descends to help.

Follow the Star as it leads you through a fantastic adventure unlike any other!

- Seven beautifully illustrated galaxies with 43 unique worlds

Adventure through:

Juicy Fruity
Moon Delight
Cluster Funk
Candy Gloss
Deep See
Crystal Glare
Flame Thrilled

- Every level is a totally different experience and no enemy is repeated

- Use power-ups:

Shooting Stars
Moon Rocks
Flaming Marshmallows
Water Bubbles
Inflatable Planets
Ice Cubes

- Featuring an irresistibly original soundtrack

- Don't worry Star Cat, the fun has just begun >'-'<

What’s New

Version 1.1

Resolved issues from soft launch reviews:

- Added music on/off button
- Zoomed out camera to show more level data
- Guide arrows to lead gamers to through the early levels
- Removed scrolling on Galaxy 1, Level 7 to make it easier to complete
- Tweaked various levels to ease difficulty curve and progress more easily
- Added skip option if gamer dies 3 times in a row
- Final boss breaks apart with each hit to make it obvious it is dying
- Updated credits

Ratings and Reviews

sarasarasarAAA ,

Cute, kinda frustrating

The graphics are stylish and colorful, but the level designs are frustrating. As someone had mentioned— it is hard to see where you are going so you end up running into obstacles/ danger a lot. I like how you can skip levels if you keep failing them, but it doesn’t feel as satisfying as completing them. Overall alright game with eye-catchy & cutesy graphics.

Developer Response ,


Glad you appreciate the game. If you pull the tail to the full, the camera zooms out more and you can see edges of other planets. If in doubt, always trust the arrow that points to the direction of the next gem. Even if it means doing a leap of faith :)

Thanks for playing!

pdc1 ,

Mediocre slingshot physics game

Psychedelic graphics don't make a game, you need good game play behind it! This game is good but not great. One thing it's missing is the ability to zoom out a scene. Without that, you can often be trapped, waiting for the graphics to catch up, before you can move again. In world 1, level 7, for example, I captured several stars then zoomed off-screen, but couldn't move for quite a bit while the fire advanced, waiting for it to catch up to the screen I was on, so I could move again. Also, a few of the more advanced features aren't explained, rather they're just left there for you to discover and use. In the second level, for example, there is no explanation provided for the laser-like booster planet. You're simply left on your own, accidentally jumping there, then accidentally tapping instead of pulling, to discover its monster-destroying capabilities. There also doesn't appear to be a way to turn off the repetitive, irritating music, either. I'd rate this 2 stars, except I love slingshot physics games, so this one gets an extra star for effort.

Based on the developer's response, I see he's enthralled with his lack of a zoom function. I am not. I'm simply not into making "blind shots", I'd rather use skill. I've played more and am not impressed, so have deleted it from my iPad.

Developer Response ,

Hi Pdc1,
Thank you for playing the game among the thousands to choose from :)

I take the gamers and put them into the game world. Discovery is a key part of the experience in this game along with simple mechanics. The shear satisfaction of accomplishing the puzzles after discovering all by yourself is far more engaging on a personal level than being fed instructions and helping hands constantly. I do somewhat agree with the second or two wait on galaxy 1 level 7, however the first galaxy is designed as an "on-boarding" galaxy which playfully introduces the player to the controls and setting and has to cater for all players. Will definitely look into updating that level :)

Re. The zoom. It is actually on purpose. The main reason is to keep the gamer inside the game world without having to break them away from playing and concentrate on panning and zooming constantly. The levels are designed to be completed in only one particular way. For example, the power planet G1 L4 can only be completed by ultimately jumping on the star planet in the vicinity and then following the iconic hand gestures on how to use the power. To prevent zooming in later levels, there are arrow hints to give gamers confidence in making blind jumps that always 99% land on a planet.

Please do play the game beyond galaxy 1. There's a lot more to enjoy :)

Finally on the music. I guess it's subjective. A lot of people love it and it won't be everyone's cup of tea. will definitely look to adding toggles for that in an update :)

Thanks for playing. I am sure you will love the later levels!


Gunther Becker ,


First off, I have to say it's absolutely criminal that this game hasn't been featured at all on the App Store. I stumbled across a glowing review on a gaming site (that was weeks old) and wondered why this game had received little to no attention; it was the first I had ever heard of it.

The visual splendor of this game is so inspired and wonderful that it alone justifies your $1. But there's also an excellent little touch based platformer underneath the incredible presentation. Clever levels that, somehow, all stand apart from one another and feel unique unto themselves. Plus the unpredictable yet cool little surprises that pop up in the level designs as you progress through the game. Don't watch any gameplay videos - go in cold and enjoy the awesomeness unpervaded. 🤓

To Aamar the developer - thank you for your efforts in the creation of this game. I can feel the love that went into those six years of development and wanted to send some of that love back your way. I truly hope this game finds a bigger audience as your hard work certainly deserves recognition. 😁👍

Developer Response ,

Hi Gunther,

"Don't watch any gameplay videos - go in cold and enjoy the awesomeness unpervaded"

That is definitely the PERFECT way to enjoy this game actually. It was designed almost like a linear movie in a way, best to pick it up and go for a gameplay rollercoaster ride to the very end. The surprises should have gamers laughing and talk out loud at the trippy yet compelling original concepts - I hope. There's something in there for everyone, as I'm sure you know by now :)

Re. Feature, "Dear Apple, what Gunther Becker said" :D

Thank you for playing.



Aamar Rana
609.5 MB

Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



Age Rating
Rated 4+
© 2019 Aamar Rana


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