(Ehos + Metron = Sound + Measure)

Echometry is a TEACHING SYSTEM that makes Music EASY to UNDERSTAND... a METHOD that shows how SIMPLE the different Chords-Scales and Modes are on the Echometric Wheel.

A "Sound Cell" is what you see on your screen. It is made up of twelve consecutive sounds usually referred to as an "octave" or "chromatic scale".


The revolutionary system that explains the interaction between the human brain and the sound of any melodic musical instrument! An "Ear Training-Music Writing" tool, including both A-B-C and DO-RE-MI teaching systems in ALL seven octaves. A "Signature Wheel" for ALL the Greek Modes, a perfect Vocal Instructor, an Instant Composer among other things, all literally under your fingertips! WELCOME and ENJOY it!

The different names (Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, etc.) are what Music Schools call Diatonic Scales or Modes. They are either Heptatonic (7/12) or Pentatonic (5/12). Add 7 + 5 (Heptatonic + Pentatonic) and the mother of ALL scales, the Chromatic scale, is created!

Echometry suggests that our brain enjoys the twelve notes by braking them into two groups: 1) The Heptatonic-Diatonic SEVEN (7/12) and 2) The Pentatonic FIVE (5/12). The "left-over" notes of a Heptatonic-Diatonic (7/12) scale are the notes of the most treasured scale in the world: The "PENTATONIC". ECHOMETRY bears the rights to the CORRECT answer to the eternal question: Why does MAJOR-RED = HAPPY and MINOR-GREEN = Melancholic? WHY are certain 'chords' DISSONANT?
Soon to be published along with a lot of revealing facts about "MUSIC".

The Echometer is an amazing instructional tool that simplifies learning music. By utilizing colors and patterns arranged in a circle with twelve dots, one for each note, the student has an immediate visual connection with the notes in a scale, while at the same time seeing that scale harmonized clearly, displayed with a set of color-coded dots to show which chords should be major, minor, diminished or augmented, in any given key.

Echometry took over 35 years to become reality and is the result of the aspirations of Alex A. Sioris, 58 years old who lives in Los Angeles, California and owner of Marina Music Center for over 21 years. An accomplished musician and theorist, Alex created a NEW method of learning the secrets of sound utilizing both VISUAL and AUDIO techniques thus MAKING MUSIC SIMPLE!

What's New

Version 2.0

Echometry 2.0 demonstrates the newest concept about understanding Music .....

It shows how the different Chords are created,(Major- Minor-Diminished- Augmented)...

Describes the EXACT STRUCTURE of the Greek Modes, the MELODIC and HARMONIC Modes and their Pentatonics ,The Diminished EIGHT, the Augmented SIX plus the CHROMATIC Twelve -Tone Scale!

ECHOMETRY 2.0 provides the user with a variety of instruments to experiment and get acquainted with the beautiful modes which have NEVER BEFORE been seen on a screen together.....Ear-Training,...Sight Singing,....Voice Leading ,....Harmony Lessons,Choir Training....., COMPOSITION on the spot...,INSTANT HARMONIZATION of All Modes- All Keys among other things....under your fingertips!

Welcome and Enjoy it!

Ratings and Reviews

4.6 out of 5

10 Ratings

10 Ratings

An intuitive and unique way of visualizing scales and chords!

Ryan McGeary

It's still pretty basic as an app, would love to have playback options, a more intuitive interface or a way for the app to pick up notes played into the microphone (like a tuner). But right now it's a great visual method to learn or refer to when writing music.

I'm excited to see where this goes in the future, it has the potential to be a very powerful tool.

Very hard to navigate.


So, I read/watched some of Alex's system and I was very excited because it algins itself very nicely with ancient music systems. (regarding ratio and harmoney)

But, the app is glitchy and hard to work. Not all the functions work, the "more" tab is very difficult to navigate in an iphone 5. And if you use the 8 tone "jazz' scale the settings don't go back to the diatonic settings and just stuck. Also the tone points are difficult to play.

Good idea but really poor exicution. And at the price, I would avoid this like crazy. Too much for too little.

Echometry is Genius


Echometry is a new way to think about music and sound.. a mathematically perfect and more simple approach that makes sense. This app shows how chords and scales are just shapes and those shapes can be moved around a circle and flipped upside down. This is a ground breaking new theory that every musician should learn.


Echometry LLC
82.2 MB
Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Age Rating
Rated 4+
© Echometry 2010


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