10 Songs, 44 Minutes


About Ånima

The Brazilian prog rock band Anima (Anima Dominum) was born out of the necessity of a group of friends that wanted to express themselves and their ideas musically. José "Zé" Lima (from Terraço, a prog band that never released a CD but was very famous in its hometown) and Paulo "Fredinho" Frederico searched for musicians capable of fulfilling this project. Afterward, David and Flávio completed the lineup and the band released Tempus Stetisse. Due to a lack of money, this CD was recorded on 16-track in 50 hours. After a lot of shows, a second CD was released by a specialized progressive rock record label. There were a lot of snags during the recording of Singularities, and its completion was possible only and exclusively because of the band's determination. To finish the project (the band was disturbed by the premature exit of David), Cláudio Cepeda (who also played in Terraço, Toque de Midas, Êxtase, and the Beatles cover band Revolution) was invited in. With his resolve and affinity (besides being a great talent), he definitively conquered his place in the band. Flávio Araújo abandoned Anima in order to finish his studies, and the band searched for another new member. Ricardo Lima, a well established musician (he played with Guilherme Arantes and Vinícius Cantuária) living in New York, signed on with the possibility of entering the band. With a new name -- the band was now called Anima Dominum -- they recorded the CD The Book of Comedy, with compositions that were partially inspired in Umberto Eco's book The Name of the Rose.

Unfortunately, due to several problems, Anima Dominum disbanded, leaving a empty space in the Brazilian prog rock scene. ~ Cesar Lanzarini