7 Songs, 32 Minutes


About Tzusing

Born in Malaysia and splitting time between Shanghai and Taipei, Tzusing produces a singular brand of dark, exhilarating techno influenced by EBM/industrial as well as several Asian and Middle Eastern musical traditions. Keeping percussion front and center, he finds common ground between ceremonial drumming and sinister industrial rhythms, additionally incorporating acoustic instruments and vocals. Tzusing first began DJ'ing in 2002 while he was living in Chicago, where he moved after graduating from high school in San Diego. He was introduced to house music and the club scene, and he became a resident DJ at notable club Smartbar. At the urging of his parents, he moved to China and started a bike-parts business. Feeling isolated, he eventually moved to Shanghai and began DJ'ing again, starting with a residency at a club called Shelter. He released a track titled "Teeth" on Clan Destine Records' Dark Acid III EP, and gave a copy to Doug Lee (An-I), who in turn brought it to the attention of Ron Morelli. Morelli then signed Tzusing to his esteemed L.I.E.S. (Long Island Electrical Systems) label and released a trilogy of EPs titled A Name Out of Place, issuing one per year between 2014 and 2016. Tzusing also released tracks on Cititrax's Tracks EPs, and collaborated with Samo DJ and Baba Stiltz on EPs released by Public Possession and Born Free Records. L.I.E.S. released Tzusing's debut LP, Dongfang Bubai, in 2017. Named after the lead character from Jin Yong's wuxia novel The Smiling, Proud Wanderer, the bold, courageous album was met with critical acclaim. It was followed later in the year by In a Moment a Thousand Hits, an EP issued by Bedouin Records. ~ Paul Simpson