12 Songs, 53 Minutes


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Skwikles ,

Beautifu Piece of Art




Wow! Breakthrough stuff. Pristine production. Hevy, heavy, heavy - yet melodic. The Dog is going places people. Just watch!

Jwd13 ,


This album is absolutely outstanding...this is a beautiful, heart wrenching, wonderful, sad, happy, magical, amazing piece of work. I have searched forever for that album...the one that you turn off the lights, prop up your feet, light a candle and open your heart, hoping it will do what music is supposed to do...that is take you on an emotional ride. Most albums fall short, are incomplete or lack conviction. To me at least, this is the perfect album, almost schizophrenic. The ride is crazy insane, but when it's over, even though it knocked my heart around, I want to get back in line and ride it again.