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19 Ratings
JBIllin ,

Where's my Bible Belt?

Nous is plodding and tedious. Bible Belt was such fun and so fresh. Louder was good, but over-produced. In hindsight you can see it as a data point in the trend towards Nous. I hope this album is just something DB had to get out of her system as an artist, because it's just not good. It's a lot like Mezzanine, Massive Attack, but not special the way that album is. My advice, go the Trinity Sessions route next album, strip it down, clean acoutics, no reverb, real drums etc. I wish I would have previewed the songs first, but didn't since I like DB so much. Ooops.

pottermarauder ,

Not up to par

I wish Diane would stick to her classic sound instead of going with the ethereal electronic trend that's happening right now. This album is no different from all the other artists in that genre. Bible Belt was a fantastic standout album, and Speak A Little Louder was enjoyable, but this one is just kind of boring.

Raised by the Wolves ,

Soulful & Sublime

I've been listening to Diane's album rather non stop since I downloaded it on Bandcamp. I think it is by far her best work yet, utterly soulful, addictively gorgeous and such a graceful departure and yet also building upon her earlier work in a way that feels like authentic growth. The opening hymn is heartbreakingly ethereal and the moment where it breaks into "how long ..." Is actually, literally, sublime.

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