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Tera Johnson - Home

Tera Johnson - Home

Here's a new album from an artist with a powerful, confident voice and message(s) to deliver.
Tera and co-producer John Bamber have put together an album combining folky and funky arrangements of mostly original tunes.

The production is sparse but clean and clear, emphasizing Tera's voice. Ms. Johnson does a beautiful job of harmonizing, often with unexpected intervals. My one criticism is that some of the effects applied detract from what might be a more than sufficient sound.

Tera's songwriting at times reminds me of Melissa Manchester or Tracy Chapman. Her more romantic songs resonate the best, but the more message oriented tracks often left me struggling to find the hook.

The track "You and Me" stands out as the strongest piece of writing and could easily be a hit on an established C&W artist album

"Long Ride" has a great feel and a relatable lyric. "Double Down" and "Hello Friend" both have a tight groove with the former invoking Michael Bolton's heyday.

"Lonely Road" stands out as something that with the proper instrumentation and arrangement, might have been part of Van Morrison's "Moondance" era.

All in all, Johnson and Bamber have put together an admirable product. My suggestion would be to pare back the number of tracks from the current 14 to 9 or 10 of the best (as some just don't stand up the the others).

Check it out.