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Joideb ,

I feel bad writing this review...

I feel bad writing this, because I've loved everything B+M has put out before this album, but I feel like this has to be said in case anyone is on the fence about buying this album or not. First I must say I got hooked on B+M from their album "Bangs". Then I went backwards from there and got into "Dropped" and their older material. So when "Meta Meta Etc" came out I had high hopes. The album starts off solid (although to be honest "True" feels like an unnecessary intro track). Then the best song on the album "All Alone" delivers and makes one hopeful for the rest of the album. Then the next 3 songs on the album are decent, but nothing amazing. But once you hit track 6 "Original Sin" you start to realize this album is a fairly large departure from their previous albums and sound. For me it's not a direction that inspires me or makes me to want to hear more. In fact once you get to track 7 "Tear Me Apart" you kind of just want to turn it off. I'm sorry if this sounds harsh! I don't want to offend Brandon and John, but this album is just not for me (at least 9 of the 13 tracks aren't). I was kind of bummed and disappointed. I tried to purposely avoid listening to the singlels as they were released weekly, because I wanted to be surprised by the overall album as a whole, but again, for me it just isn't all that great compared to their previous albums.

Lord 732 ,

Different approach for them

Sounds like production quality has changed and rushed. Very Brandon focused with Tacon's drums demphasized compared to previous efforts. Friends is one of the exceptions and closest to previous songs. To put things in perspective, love the acoustic version of Hollow Tune and wish them to do similar treatment to Dark Skies.

danfeeny ,



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