4 Songs, 33 Minutes


Ratings and Reviews

mitchbenyahu ,

Wonderful Electro/Rock! LOVE IT!!!

This record really tells a musical story. You can feel conflict and harmony. Melodic happiness followed by dark synths. Such a wonderful breath of fresh air! I absolutley love this EP and hope that Mitch releases more VERY soon! Although not too soon, because I want to sit in this place and listen for awhile!

LennyInAustin ,

Very Cool Tunes

I met Mitch Houston a few years ago. When our paths crossed it had nothing to do with music. Over the years, Mitch has shared his music with me. It’s been a blast to experience his music. Mitch gave me the pre-release opportunity to listen to his new EP, End of an Era. Here are my feelings and thoughts about this four song EP.

I live in Austin, Texas. The day I listened to the entire EP was one of those exceptional Austin days that I spent at Lake Travis, mid 60’s, light cool breeze, blue water and blue skies forever. I’ve gotta tell tell you, if you get a chance to listen to Mitch’s EP in similar conditions, I think you may experience these songs in a way beyond his intention. If you don’t have similar conditions, then these songs will place your mind there. These songs jam but are dream like. I really like all four songs but my favorite is titled A Strange Thing. I’ve had this song on repeat. I’m embarrassed to write how many times I’ve listed to it on repeat. It is my new favorite song. This song rocks. It one of those songs that has the ability to transport my mind to a feeling where all things are possible. I highly recommend the six minute time investment to judge for yourself.

Side note: If you ever get an opportunity to see Mitch perform live, don’t miss out!