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KNG Solomon ,

The truth goes hard!!!

KNG Solomon


A person with the freedom to think!💪🏽🐻📖🎙🔥👍

A researcher decided to take the truth & give it
Rhythmic Pulse, A lot! of music has been is missing this
element since the 80's.(if not long before)

About time some body had enuff B4llz to say
What needed to be said, & not a bunch of sack nibbling
For a jealous groups agenda of idiocy & failure.

More people should know this(Need!,it's essential).
Majority of the rappers are gifted,
but have garbage messages.

Messages of-ill willed behaviour, nonsense, getting drunk high wasting money All at their peoples expense,
Essentially prioritizing mistreating & murdering.
Prioritizing Death over life, of your Your own kind🤦🏽‍♂️.

it's Shameless, especially when you have some of
The same goals in mind...
Expressing that your helping to knowingly Give!
ignorance & Sickness on to a group
Whom of which spent their lives helping you.
Aware of it, Or Not.

Yaya Gucci ,

You made us think🧐🤔

This lyrical masterpiece flows like a waterfall, truth within and spilling over, Dane you are a real true Brother 👊🏽 waking us up making us think, now it’s clear as day and the proven research leads the way. Much ♥️ love from Detroit City.