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Pop?? As in popular music?? C'mon iTunes... Get a clue!


This record floats more in the space between jazz and experimental. I can barely imagine, even, an alternate universe where this could ever be popular. That's one reason it's so rare. If you want an original hard-copy cd you'll be forking-over $500 at Amazon (seller is even cautionary as to its very used cond.). Released in '84, it hardly seems dated. 'Ahead of its time' would be putting it mildly. I saw David at a Boulder, CO bar the following year when touring with Garbarek & Weber. I had never heard of him. Before they played I talked w/ them and noticed how cocky he was. His talent at that time showed no need for humility. I've been collecting his stuff over the years. He's not just America's answer to Terje Rypdal. Considering a genre-less character, he's worked with a vast array of musicians. Just listen to the samples here, and at AllMusicGuide. Are you ready? I think I'll just rest my case.

About David Torn

New York-based composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer, writer, and self-described "texturalist/guitarist" David Torn lent his distinctive style to numerous films and documentaries and collaborations. He worked with composers Howard Shore, Carter Burwell, and Ryuichi Sakamoto, as well as appeared on recordings from k.d. lang, David Bowie, Jim Carroll, Laurie Anderson, and a host of others. His solo works include Best Laid Plans (1984), Cloud About Mercury (1986), Door X (1990), Tripping Over God (1995), What Means Solid, Traveller? (1996), Splattercell's Oah (2000), the soundtrack to the Heath Ledger thriller The Order (2003), and the ECM release Prezens (2007). ~ James Christopher Monger

    Amityville, NY
  • BORN
    May 26, 1953

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