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Customer Reviews

A Great Movie...


This was a gem of a movie. Knowing there had been some initial controversy between the filmmakers and Bruce Lee's family, I wasn't sure what to expect. But as a fan, I wanted to see for myself.

I just came from the theater on opening day for Birth of the Dragon. I enjoyed the movie as it portrayed the evolution of Bruce Lee as a fighter and a man.

The larger storyline, as cast by the other characters, presented some great themes for thought: repentance, redemption, the true purpose of martial arts, selflessness vs selfishness, the value of human life, mutual respect and civility in a world filled with violence, the power of friendship and love, the search for meaning and a human being's capacity to grow... all in the midst of helpful doses of martial arts spectacle!

The film takes you through a range of emotions and the musical score packs an impact to help accentuate the visuals and dialogue. At one key point, I was holding back tears due to the score's ability to lend gravity to the words that were being said. I knew after leaving the theater that I wanted this score! I look forward to listening to it and... to seeing the movie again in the near future.

Great Soundtrack


With this soundtrack I can train like Bruce Lee

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