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About Devan DuBois

A deliberately mysterious figure who fuses the mood and melodic structures of blues and roots rock with the textures and sonic color palette of electronica, Devan DuBois is a vocalist, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who has earned a reputation for his distinctive sound as well as his carefully cultivated look. While DuBois tends to avoid specifics in his interviews, he says that he grew up in Louisiana, and that his first exposure to music came from his mother, who had Top 40 radio on nearly all the time. As a teenager, DuBois developed a passion for the Beatles, and at 16 he started his first band. A year later, he began writing songs, citing Bob Dylan and John Lennon as his first major influences, as well as the writings of F. Scott Fitzgerald and T.S. Eliot. Eventually, DuBois relocated to Los Angeles in hopes of making a career out of his music, and he landed a lucky break when his song "Too Many Aces" was used in a commercial for Ketel One vodka. After three years in Los Angeles, DuBois pulled up stakes for Nashville, and landed a record deal with Sensibility Music, the same label that signed the Civil Wars. Produced by Jeff Sojka and featuring backing vocals from Joy Williams of the Civil Wars, DuBois's first album, Le Fou, was released in August 2014. ~ Mark Deming