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About Imatran Voima

Named after a defunct Finnish electric power company, Randy Barracuda (born Perttu Hãkkinen) and Fresh O. Lexxx (born Jaakko Kestilä) started making dark and heavy electro music in the late '90s. Based in Helsinki, the duo gradually became an established name in the Finnish capital's underground scene. Their live shows, which sometimes included strippers and other rather controversial visual effects, got them a reputation as the bad boys of Finnish electronic music. The duo's first release was the Super Breakout 12", which appeared on the Finnish label Kostamus Records. They were then signed to the Norwegian label Tellektro, which released a series of singles, and eventually their debut album, The Church of Latterday Maggots. Imatran Voima's musical style can best be described as dark electro music, creating a soundscape dominated by loud and sometimes extremely heavy bass. Image-wise, the boys were influenced by American gangsta rap culture, including sex and weapons as natural ingredients. Song titles such as In/Out, Group Sex, and Techno Slut speak for themselves. By the time The Church of Latterday Maggots appeared, the duo had earned a solid cult reputation both in their home country, as well as in electro scenes all over the world. The two boys were also recognized as excellent producers, remixers, and DJs, and they were both involved in several other projects. Although Tellektro disappeared as a label in 2005, Imatran Voima continued to release 12"s on various other labels. Their second album, Welfare State of Mind, appeared on Mighty Robot Recordings in 2007. ~ Ketil Mosnes


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