8 Songs, 43 Minutes


About Delago

Musician Hermann Delago was born in Austria in 1957. He studied music in Innsbruck, mastering both the piano and trumpet. He also plays the guitar as well as other more unusual instruments from different countries, somewhere around two dozen of them all together. Delago began his professional career performing in a rock band called Klockwerk Orange. During his time with this group they recorded an album, Abrakadabra, released in 1974. Delago later worked with other groups, like the Austria Trio, Combo Delago, and Viller Spatzen. He also severed as a bandleader, appearing with Pentaton Weltmusik. In 1996 Delago recorded his debut solo album, Didge Goes World. The multicultural tunes on this first offering are highlighted with sounds from synthesizers and electric guitars, all beautifully mixed with instruments like the djembe and didgeridoo. His next solo album, Gado Gado, hit the store shelves in 1998. It was followed two years later by Trance Alpin. ~ Charlotte Dillon



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