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A dark excursion with members of Mastodon, ATDI, and QOTSA.


A dark excursion with members of Mastodon, ATDI, and QOTSA.

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Nothing really impressive here

Rock Connoisseur,

Not bad by any means but it's not something that really stands out either. You would expect more from a supergroup featuring the likes of Troy Sanders, Troy Van Leeuwen and Tony Hajiar but the result is just an average-at-best stoner rock album that might be an alright listen for 50 minutes or so of novelty but is otherwise easily forgettable.



I was excited to hear what they would come up with after their first album that I still listen to quite frequently.
Unfortunately, this is pretty boring. It's not a bad album, but it's not very interesting in any way. Maybe if I was tripping on acid and/or really stoned I could appreciate it more, but being stone cold sober ( sigh ) it's very forgettable.

About Gone Is Gone

Gone Is Gone is an atmosphere-driven, heavy rock quartet built around the talents of At the Drive-In drummer Tony Hajjar, multi-instrumentalist and composer Mike Zarin, Queens of the Stone Age guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen, and Mastodon bassist/vocalist Troy Sanders. Founded in 2016, the group issued an eponymous EP in July, with its debut long-player, Echolocation, dropping in early 2017. Both releases were issued via Rise Records. ~ James Christopher Monger

    Los Angeles, CA

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