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"Top 20" is a collection of Michele McLaughlin’s most popular piano solos from 2008-2015. These are her most-played songs on Pandora Radio and Spotify, as well as the most-purchased songs online. During the time period that these songs were originally recorded, McLaughlin purchased a Fazioli grand piano, which has a different sound and touch than her previous Yamaha. She re-recorded and remastered all of the songs on the newer piano so that the album has a clean and consistent sound. Joe Bongiorno of Piano Haven Studio mastered and engineered the album, and the sound quality is beautiful - warm and flawless. McLaughlin’s pianistic fans will be happy to know that there is a companion sheet music book that features all new transcriptions of the music to reflect any of the changes made to the songs since they were originally recorded and transcribed for her earlier songbooks.

One of the things I find really interesting is that the playing order of these pieces is alphabetical, not chronological or meticulously fussed over for mood or key changes - and alphabetical works really well in this case. There is quite a range of styles from slow and melancholy to faster and joyful, and the flow of the album is excellent. I think McLaughlin was really wise to re-record all of these pieces, bringing them up-to-date and offering her long-time fans a slightly different take on their favorites.

The albums that the songs come from are (in alphabetical order!): A Celtic Dream (4 tracks), Breathing In the Moment (3 tracks), Christmas Plain and Simple (2 tracks), Christmas Plain and Simple II (2 tracks), Dedication (2 tracks), Out of the Darkness (2 tracks), Undercurrent (2 tracks), and Waking the Muse (3 tracks).

"Top 20" is a very special collection of Michele McLaughlin’s most popular music. Recommended!

Simply the best of the best!

Shoshana Michel

Michele McLaughlin's new album, 'Top 20 Solo Piano' is simply the best of the best. Although these pieces have all been previously released on other albums, are the most requested/played by her fans and on online streaming stations, Michele has re-recorded these tracks so they are fresh and new. It wasn't so long ago that I discovered Michele McLaughlin and I play her music regularly. Her music tells a story and sweeps you up in it's journey. It is hard for me to pick just one or two tracks to highlight as my favorites, as they all are outstanding. If you love solo piano, then Michele McLaughlin's 'Top 20 Solo Piano' is a must have for your music collection.

About Michele McLaughlin

A self-taught pianist and composer with a delicately facile style, new age keyboardist Michele McLaughlin played the instrument as a kindergartener. Inspired by a performance of George Winston's she saw at just eight years old, she applied herself to learn his tunes by ear and eventually began writing her own pieces. She released her first album, the tranquil Beginnings, in 2000. After positive feedback, she composed 16 songs in four months for her second release, Elysium. Over the next few years, she composed, performed, and self-released 2002's The Journey, 2003's A Change of Color, 2004's The Beginning of Forever, and the next year's After the Storm, before releasing Reflections 2000-2005: The Best of Michele McLaughlin. The collection was followed by 2006's Christmas Plain & Simple, and Dedication in 2007. Around this time, she committed to being a full-time musician and began performing and touring regularly. A Celtic Dream arrived in 2008, and 2010 saw Out of the Darkness and Christmas Plain & Simple II. Breathing in the Moment was released in 2012, followed by 2013's Waking the Muse. 2015's Undercurrent debuted at number five on the Billboard New Age Albums chart. ~ Marcy Donelson



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