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6 Ratings

A fantastic live Jazz Fusion album.


This is by all means an exceptional Jazz-Fusion album. Recorded at the Baked Potatoe in Studio City, CA, with the intention of having his musicians play their best, Frank Gambale pulls out a great live- no overdubs - concert with all the freshness and passion, as if you were in the audience. There are some magic moments, and some exceptional solos.

some of the finest electric guitar playing ever


I give it 5 stars only because of Gambale's guitar solos throughout the album. it is a great showcase of gambale's command of the instrument and his advanced knowledge of harmony and theory- his solo's are FULL of musical vocabulary and insightfulness. As a guitar player, this album is indispensable and a firm indicator that Gambale is arguably one of the greatest electric guitarists ever.

On the negative side, it sounds way too 80's to me although i know that was the time period it was recorded in...hence the album artwork. the songs go on too long as everybody takes a 5 minute solo. ( it's worthy to mention that i skip to the next song once Gambale's solo is over.) and the compositions don't have alot of emotional depth to them. there is not a great deal of dynamics or feeling from the band (although the band features top notch musicians all across the board, playing their roles with great authority). For me, this album is appealing only on an intellectual level. It makes me THINK "wow, i can't believe somebody can play like that.". but It doesn't do anything for me emotionally.

but 5 stars because gambale is just stupid, crazy, insanely good at the guitar.

Frank Gambale Live


Guitar playing does not get more impressive and innovative than this.

About Frank Gambale

Frank Gambale is best-known for his fiery work with Chick Corea's Elektric Band. He was a student at the Guitar Institute of Technology while in his early twenties, wrote instructional books, and during 1983-1986, was on the school's faculty. He joined Corea in 1986, has also performed with Steve Smith's Vital Information, and has been a leader on his own rock-oriented dates for JVC. A collaboration with bassist Stu Hamm and drummer Steve Smith was another fruitful venture for Gambale, spawning several discs between the three that became increasingly ambitious as time went by. ~ Scott Yanow

    Canberra, Australia
  • BORN
    December 22, 1958



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