13 Songs, 56 Minutes


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eTripper ,

Passionate artistry thats deeply reflective, and technically adept

Al Marconi has escaped my scrutiny until now, and I'm delighted with his newest project: "Monument". As with a lot of artists, I was turned on to the British-guitarist; from another website referral. I'm glad, that I cued-up this CD for a cursory listen, great stuff. Marconi is uniquely his own artist, but reminds me a lot of Jim Stubblefield, and Benise. At other times, he strikes a Govi-esque type motif, with exotic tradewinds, and far-off locales. His music is deeply reflective, and technically adept. 'Fire of the Night' is simply a stunning exercise in beautiful guitar-virtuosity. His playing is just as fluid as that of Armik, Jesse Cook, and Strunz & Farah. 'Last Tango' is another gem, that Marconi picks-out with great relish, it will leave you breathless! He then, demonstrates his mastery as a Spanish guitar-wizard, with his flying rendition of 'El Nino'. A consummate artist in every respect. For those aware of Al Marconi, he needs no introduction, but if you've just found him, and are fans of Johannes Linstead, Nocy, or Ottmar Liebert then, your at the right place. Recommended.

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