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5 Ratings
Great single + B-Side ,

Chiptune Awesomeness

Grat new album and love all the tracks. More vocal tracks than the usual she album but all are pretty good. The first 4 tracks are the best.

About she

Under the moniker she, Sweden-based electronic musician Lain Trzaska creates bright, energetic soundscapes with a conceptual framework, creating unique storylines with many of his releases. As the project's name suggests, most of the characters created by Trzaska for his music and artwork are female, and are heavily inspired by Japanese animation and pop music. While Trzaska creates some of his music using tracker programs and is often associated with the chiptune scene, his music ranges from industrial to distorted electro to funky progressive house, and often contains heavily processed vocals singing melancholic, heart-on-sleeve lyrics. She's music is fixated with technological corruption, making extensive usage of glitch and distortion effects in the songs as well as the accompanying artwork.

Born in Krakow, Poland in 1983, Trzaska moved to Sweden as a child and learned to play piano and violin. As a teenager, he began creating 2-D video games as well as their accompanying soundtracks. Eventually he became more fixated on making music than games. After writing chiptunes for several years, he developed the conceptual project she in 2003, expanding his sound to incorporate a wide range of electronic and acoustic instruments and creating poppy yet experimental song structures. The first she release was the industrial-leaning Emit and Exude, followed by the more experimental Digital Ambient Designs in 2005. Leading chiptune label 8bitpeoples released the Pioneer EP, composed primarily on a Game Boy, in 2006. Days appeared in 2007, followed by the 2008 releases Coloris and Chiptek. Japanese label Pony Canyon signed she that year, releasing a compact disc version of Coloris as well as the project's 2009 album, Orion. An album titled Electric Girl was announced for release in 2010, but was shelved, after which she self-released the Journeys digital EP in 2011.

In May of 2012, Trzaska declared the she project to be on hiatus, only to announce a few days later than he would be splitting the project into two distinct entities. The music produced under the name she would continue with his dance-oriented bitpop style, while his more experimental ambient work would be released as Imagery by Sound. Later that year, Electric Girl was finally released, followed by the debut Imagery by Sound album, Insomnia. Trzaska then began concentrating on shorter releases rather than full-lengths, issuing no less than six singles and EPs in 2013. In October of that year, he announced a third project, D7VON, intended to explore his industrial/dark electro side. In 2014, he announced that he was working on a new she album, and that it would be his first chiptune album since 2006. Two singles, "Come a Little Closer" and "Axiom," appeared in 2015. ~ Paul Simpson

Krakow, Poland
June 20, 1983



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