11 Songs, 46 Minutes


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An Outer-Galactic Musical Experience!

William Kurk, Musicianarian.

Selan is travelling at a faster speed of light with this follow up to "Space Flight". Keeping in the theme of 'futurism', this album is the essence of something lost and glorious in the main frame of songwriting and composition: individuality. His style is not to be pigeon-holed into a singular category, as each song delivers a unique trajectory of his musical landscape. The music purist will appreciate the honesty, precision, and creativity of each track on this album. Selan represents the progression of music, while also pulling elements of preservation from the heroes of pop and funk-soul history. The most notable tracks that will have an instant impact on your sonic horizons include "Now Is The Time", "Live It Up", and "Feels So New". In addition to those tunes, "The New Planet" and "The Future" are mood-setting tracks that envoke the imagination of his journey, supplemented by very brilliant and complimenting artwork of him in a space suit. The duet he has with Adeline Michéle ("Because Of You") is a sweet condiment to this progressive entreé of music. This is a must-have album from front to back, so don't sell yourself short by only purchasing a song here and there; go towards to 'The Future" and make your skepticism a thing of 'The Past'.

- The Musicianarian, W.K

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