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Why oh why?


Why guys? Why do the clean vocals sound so amateurish? The music and the death vocals are GREAT! They are reminiscent of "Come Clarity" era In Flames, or maybe some Killswitch Engage. You guys were making a delicious "modern melodic death metal" sandwich, and I was gearing up to eat it. Then, someone had to pick their nose and insert those cringe worthy clean vocal passages in there! Listen to "Tusk," and maybe you will understand what I'm saying. It killed my appetite. I can't eat that sandwich without thinking about the booger! 90% of the sandwich is awesome, but I know that the booger is in there somewhere! Why? Why, why, why????? You guys obviously have an ear for music, it's readily apparent in the great arrangements you compose. So how can you NOT HEAR how OFF KEY some of those clean vocals are? Seriously? Anyway, the music is great, and the death vocals are great. The drums and production sound great too. Some of the cleans are less cringe worthy than others, so I'm giving it a 4 because of the potential the band has. Maybe some of you will be ok with those clean vocals, and if you are, my hat is off to you,.....enjoy. I will continue to ask "why?" Every time I listen. SMH. By the way; what's up with "through darkness and decay?" It's a good song......if you're listening to Nickelback, Staind or some other Alt-Rock/ Alt-Metal band, but it just doesn't fit on this album. On a positive note, at least the clean vocals sound good there. However, it totally throws off the vibe of the album. Just my 2 cents, and normally they don't amount to much. I will give credit for trying something new though.

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