12 Songs, 48 Minutes


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4.8 out of 5

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28 Ratings

Smooooooothe... R&B Devin


I wasn't sure what this album would be like, but I've loved Emery since The Weak's End and I love their acoustic stuff too. I had the amazing privilege of seeing an Emery acoustic show last year and they played one of Devin's new songs (called "Tide" on the album), which was sweeeet! But now that I've listened to this record on repeat for the last several days (pre-ordered and got it early), I can say that this is a really enjoyable, smooth album to listen to. It has the feels of some of Devin's parts from Only a Man, and if you've been keeping up with his social media where he's done some covers (like Billy Jean), you've had a taste of what this album has. My favorite tracks are Just Another Song, Tide, I Just Wanna, A Perfect Life, Buried Alive and Dance Tonight. His voice, the production, the music - it's all good. When band members do their own solo project that is a different genre than what they usually do, sometimes it's just cool that they had the guts to do it. In this case, he pulled it off too. I only wish he was wearing a turtleneck on the album cover artwork, but I won't take off a star for that!

Smooth Like Butta


It's different from previous releases Devin has been featured (Emery or solo) but this is a good different. Part rock&soul, little bit electronic, some acoustic. Just click play and sit back and let it take you away on a musical trip of tasty jams. I love exploring some new genre territories that comes so naturally to Devin. This isn't Life&Death part 2, and that's a good thing! Great job Devin! Keep it up!

Devin's "Senation"


I had high expectations for this release; between Devin re-joining Emery and the Bad Christian guys acting like this is the end-all be-all of music-- it's actually pretty solid. Keep up the good work boys!

About Devin Shelton

Devin Shelton is a guitarist and songwriter known as co-founder of the post-hardcore band Emery, as well as for his solo material. Emery formed in South Carolina around the talents of recent college graduates Shelton (guitar), Toby Morrell (vocals, guitar), Matt Carter (guitar), Josh Head (keyboards), Joel Green (bass), and Seth Studley (drums). After weighing their options, the members decided that Seattle would be a better environment for a burgeoning band, prompting a move westward in September 2001.

Once established in the Emerald City, Emery signed with the Seattle-based Tooth & Nail label, which released their debut, The Weak's End, in January 2004, followed by The Question in August 2005. Subsequent lineup changes led to Shelton helping out on bass, and 2007's I'm Only a Man saw a newfound use of synthesizers and increasingly melodic singing compared to the harsher sounds of the band's previous work. The While Broken Hearts Prevail EP reverted back to prior tendencies in 2008, while 2009's ...In Shallow Seas We Sail split the difference in sounds.

In 2011, Devin Shelton parted ways with Emery, calling it an "indefinite hiatus," and, in addition to starting a family, went to work on a solo album. The reflective alt-rock of Life & Death arrived in 2013. Shelton reunited with Emery for shows celebrating the ten-year anniversary of their debut, and stayed on for the band's 2015 LP You Were Never Alone. His sophomore solo effort, Sensation, followed on BC Music in 2017 and took an unexpected dive into R&B. ~ Marcy Donelson & Alex Henderson