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5 out of 5

7 Ratings

7 Ratings

Big fan


I saw this band 3-4 years ago in Lauderdale when they opened for Collective Soul. They killed it then and again now with this second album. I hope they swing through south Florida again soon. I’ll be there for sure.

Classic Rock with a Modern Twist


Found these guys through some of my recommendations and I cannot imagine music without them! They have a superb unique sound that blends the riffs and chords of older rock and adds newer elements of today’s alternative music creating one of, if not my favorite, album that I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to. I sincerely want the absolute best for these guys for they never stop to amaze me!

Finally, my favorite live tunes in a recorded album!


KTR are not your ordinary rockers. These guys come dressed to the 9s, no matter where they play. And they rock. They REALLY rock. Their live performances are incredible and a must see! I first stumbled upon them playing near my university campus and thought they sounded incredible, so I stayed for the whole show. I've seen 'em twice since, and they always bring the house down. All 3 of them give their all to the music and their stage prescence, and they all sing! This new album captures just as much raw energy as the first, and now finally many of the tunes I've been hearing live are laid down in an album. Excellent!

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