13 Songs, 1 Hour, 21 Minutes


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I’m the first!?


I can’t believe no one else has commented on this album. What a journey. Unlike a lot of these types of bands who sometimes feel a need to interject their lush astral orchestrations with screaming, the strength in this effort is its consistency. They don’t try to do too much in terms style diversity, which allows you to get lost in a sort of womb-like oblivion. Great for night driving, lying in bed, studying or writing poetry…thanks guys



This is so underrated but it's a true masterpiece, I'm indeed proud of them cause they're iranian like me. I wish this album gets the attention it deserves. These songs are so inspiring and soft, while a song like "solitude" has its sad feelings. I can't believe this album is way too underrated. It's right that every song on this album has its own story... this is beautiful in everyway.

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