7 Songs, 50 Minutes



Fronted by enigmatic vocalist Yoshimio (aka Yoshimi P-We), a longtime member of noise rock legends the Boredoms and founder of OOIOO, Saicobab fuse Indian and Japanese traditions with experimental rock and electronic textures. Their music is both highly complex and extremely energetic, with knotty, unpredictable time signatures and vocals that swoop, shriek, and scatter. Saicobab utilize instruments such as double bass, sitar, and riq (a Middle Eastern tambourine), and typically record their compositions live, adding electronic effects in post-production. Sitar player Yoshida Daikiti, who studied under Ustad Shujaat Husain Khan, started a band called Psycho Baba, which also included tabla player Ahkio and drummer Suttgun, during the late '90s. After winning the support of the Boredoms, Yoshimi and drummer ATR joined the group, appearing on 2001's On the Roof of Kedar Lodge. Gradually, the group's name morphed into Saicobaba and then Saicobab, and they contributed a cover of "Death Valley 69" to the Sonic Youth tribute album Confuse Yr Idols. By 2017, the band's lineup consisted of Yoshimio, Daikiti, bassist Akita Goldman (of Soil & "Pimp" Sessions), and percussionist Moyotuki "Hama" Hamamoto. Their full-length Sab Se Purani Bab was initially released by the Japanese Shochy label in June of 2017, then issued by Thrill Jockey in October.