9 Songs, 32 Minutes


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5 out of 5

8 Ratings

8 Ratings

Such a GREAT Album


Trevor is a gift to music and to our culture. When I was first introduced to his music on tv through The Voice, I noticed how his voice cut through the airwaves and the competition. He is a unique artist with profound things to say and beautiful ways to say them. This latest album is my favorite thus far! The song with Wordsplayed, "Bones" may be what got you here - and it's a wonderful track for sure - but if you'll dive deeper into tracks like "Think of You" or "When The Whip Became A Blessing" I suspect you'll stick around like I did, and eventually this entire beautiful album will be on repeat, not only in your car, but also in your heart! Trevor has one of those voices - once you're exposed to it, there is no going back...

Groundbreaking Album

K-Baby SD

From lyrics that provoke introspection and wonder, to beats full of soul and strength and vocals that are soothing and soaring. With Shoreline, Trevor Davis has outdone himself. Incredible and not to be missed! Make sure you listen to "When the Whip Became a Blessing"

Beautiful Voice, Top Notch Production, Inspiring Songs!


This album is wonderful from beginning to end! Trevor has created a beautiful piece of art that displays glorious truths

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