13 Songs, 37 Minutes


About Quimi Portet

Quimi Portet is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist born in Vich (Barcelona) in 1957. From early on, Portet was involved in a long list of local bands, most notably Los Rápidos and Los Burros, but truly became famous during his tenure in El Último de la Fila, a duo with Manolo García that went on to become the most critically and commercially successful Spanish pop act of the 1980s. Portet released his first solo album, 1987's Persones Estranyes, during the heyday of EUDLF, but only concentrated on his solo career after the duo split in 1997. By 2012 he had released seven more albums, all graced by his trademark sense of humor and penchant for surrealist lyrics. He is also a well-known Catalan producer. ~ Mariano Prunes