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About Kanisha K

Based in Holland, Michigan, Kanisha K is a versatile singer whose strong voice and mix of pop, R&B, dance, and rock has led a number of successful singles and collaborations in her young career. After hearing her sing in a local choir, Michigan native and Silver Bullet Band member Robyn Robins brought Kanisha to Los Angeles to record several tracks at the legendary Capitol Records studios. Produced by Robins and boasting a number of noted studio veterans, Kanisha's self-titled debut album arrived in 2013. She garnered some early success with her single "My Another Day" and later teamed up with Grammy-winning producer Jason Miles for a remix of her track "Stupid Boyfriend." The following year, she collaborated with producer Larry King and mixing engineer Craig Bauer on the single "Bring Me Home," which charted well on CHR radio. She received endorsements from Sennheiser and Forever 21 and in early 2015 worked with producer Joe Vulpis on the single "Oh Damn Yeah." In addition to her musical pursuits, Kanisha supports several humanitarian and charity causes, most notably the Humane Society of the U.S. ~ Timothy Monger

Holland, MI