9 Songs, 27 Minutes


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A brilliant CD gets a new life!


I remember when this CD was first released. Even though it got critical acclaim and won several awards, it was effectively banned from radio airplay within a few weeks. Its very controversial messages upset several major corporations (and a couple of government agencies). Thanks to the internet and the courage of iTunes and other music download services, this exceptionally creative combination of timely spoken word philosophy and fresh Jazz/World music is now again available, and this time to the whole world! They can't stop it this time and I absolutely recommend it to everyone. Get it and see for yourself what the controversy is about!

Mind-Blowing--Earth-Shaking--Creative Genius


Finally...This work is sooooo great! I played the original release for my daughter before she was born as well as after. She is evidence that great music can open the mind in the most positive way. "This World" is informative, inspirational music for all ages. Mind-blowing words merged with earth-shaking rhythms. Just what the music world needs at just the right time!

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