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Fumiko Shiraga has carved out her own niche as a pianist, producing a series of recordings featuring famous piano concertos with the orchestra part reduced to just a handful of musicians.

Shiraga began playing piano as a small child in her native Japan. However, she considers herself German, since her family moved there when she was six years old and it remains her home. She studied with Detlef Kraus in Essen, Friedrich Wilhelm Schnurr in Detmold, and Vladimir Krainev in Hannover. She earned several prizes and scholarships, some of which allowed further study, particularly in the area of chamber music, which has become her focus.

Her first recording was released in 1997 by BIS and featured Chopin's two piano concertos arranged for piano and string quintet. The success of this album not only led to her recording similarly arranged concertos by Beethoven and Mozart, but to other musicians performing and recording these works as well. In 2006, she completed a series of recordings of seven Mozart concertos in chamber versions, plus his Symphony No. 40. She has also recorded solo piano music by Bruckner (2001).

Shiraga's concerts have primarily been in Europe, although she has appeared in Japan, the U.S., Costa Rica, and Lebanon, and not all of her performances are chamber music. She still performs concertos with full orchestras, and for many years, has performed programs of music and poetry with actor Ezard Haußmann.

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