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Dutchess and Victory


I have just purchased Dutchess and Victory by Peter Nostrand and am so very glad I did!
Mr. Nostrand has a real gift for writing many kinds of music that create many moods. The pieces on the Dutchess album are sexy (for example, Antibes), romantic (Last Waltz), and joyful (Sunrise) and his classical pieces are reminiscent of our Masters.

With the Victory album he has continued with romantic (In the Twinkling of an Eye) and sexy pieces (Closed), but has also written “out of the box” with some super cool music such as Theme from the Itch and Theme from Rock On, which reminded me of music I heard at our $$$ chic resort on St. Bart’s. There are a lot of choices for TV and movies, too, where music is obviously essential for creating a very specific atmosphere.

I highly recommend both albums for a wide range of music, but check out individual pieces for the mood you want!

Beautiful music



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