30 Songs, 1 Hour 14 Minutes


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Thrilled. Absolutely Thrilled.


I had been thinking about importing this album from Japan a while back, as this game has some pretty good music (and it was the first 3D Sonic game that I had played, so it's kind of special to me). Ultimately, it was just too expensive. But to see it here on iTunes with the other Sonic soundtracks?? I was absolutely thrilled when I found out last night and proceeded to buy the entire album this morning. Seriously, SEGA, thank you so much for putting your Sonic music on here! I would totally say there's a market for video game music (now if only they'd post the soundtracks for Sonic Unleashed [FANTASTIC music in this game] and Sonic the Hedgehog '06 [I really want Wave Ocean - The Inlet]). But again, I'm just thrilled... absolutely thrilled.


Awesome Owl of 2015

It's about time they put up nothing but PURE AWESOMENESS!!! Although the songs could be longer.

Yes! Score! Epic win!

dark vocaloid

I've been looking everywhere for this album. I mean I found the CD online in July, but I couldn't get it. Now it's December, and I just found out that this was released a month after I was looking for it. What a find. I'm just so happy I found it! I love all of the music and theme songs. I just can't get over the fact that I found it. Epic find!

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