12 Songs, 54 Minutes


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5 out of 5

30 Ratings

30 Ratings

something new and unexpected


Sometimes the most wonderful things can come from the most unexpected of places. And that is the essence of this album. Bore out of very trying times, a sabbatical in the desert, I love the aural story unfolding before my ears.

Simply said, it's good, real good, so support an indie artist and purchase a song or two or even the entire album

Starts Strong and Only Gets Better


I began listening to it after I saw Edward Herda perform live (something that everyone interested in authentic and charming live performances should do). He gave me an EP at his show and I've been looking forward to his album release ever since. Now that it's out, all I can say is that it was worth the wait.

"Wondrous Folly" really snuck up on me. Herda's production sound is a bit tighter than his live presence (not good or bad, just different). The album's entire soundscape is timeless, approachable and flawlessly delivered. I started listening to it as background music on my commute because it really helps me cover that distance. But as the album progressed, I started noticing how incredible the lyrics are and how effortlessly the chord progressions moved through each song. His varying instrumentality (banjo, guitar, etc.) create a perfect foundation for his storytelling. I have a feeling that this album will be the only thing playing on my iPod for some time, and I would not be surprised if his music starts showing up in all kinds of indie films.

Personal favorites: Searching, Them Days, Western Room and especially Natural Disaster

Well crafted and eminently listenable tunes!

Tom D. Kim

Edward Herda… Never heard of him, but now I want more of his stuff. His songs all tell great stories with a light touch. I am also digging the dobro, banjo, and mando: the trinity of instruments for songs of a certain style. You know what style I'm talking about. Great tunes! Give 'em a try.