1 Song, 4 Minutes


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This High


Loe this artist sooooo much.

A Fresh New Voice


A fresh, new sound with amazing production, musicians, and relatable, clever lyrics. Leanne's voice is sweet yet sexy with a hint of her Aussie roots. I bet we see and hear a lot more of Leanne by the time the full CD is released!

Choking On Halos

Mista Music

Finally, an impassioned singer who draws you in with sensitive, smart lyrics that hold you captive until every drop of raw emotion is spilled. Listen once and curiosity will get the better of you. Listen twice and you'll wake humming the haunting Silence, the sensitive Cleopatra, and the beat savvy Choking On Halos. If you could bottle real Australian talent and songwriting expertise, this is it. But be warned - Once it's uncorked, prepare for the rush of emotion, pleasure, and sexiness that Leanne Kingwell promises and delivers.
I'm ready for the downpour of brilliance. Are you?

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