10 Songs, 49 Minutes


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A well crafted album


What can I say? This album is like finding gold at the bottom of a dumpster. It is so rare, that you have to dig extremely deep to get a hold of it. I'm blown away that it has made it's way to iTunes. It's an old album, released in 1992 if I remember correctly. Being born in the late 80's in southeast Alaska, I didn't start listening to these guys until years later. And as you guessed from the above sentence, they're from Anchorage.

This album is perfectly balanced. The opening track, "Picture Perfect" is 100% energy. The following two tracks sustain that energy, and by the time "Bury me in the sky" comes, they've toned it down. They've gone to a darker sound, as evidenced not only by the somewhat chilling chords, but also by the lyrics.

They go back to their fast paced sound on the next two tracks, and really slow it down with the melancholy track "All your Roses". Every track on the album is a winner, but this one is a serious highlight.

They really show off their craftiness on track 9, "Something so Unusual". From the clever lyrics, to the fast-to-slow solo in the middle, this is another highlight.

To finish up, they go back to their slow side with a nostalgia track called "Roman Nights.

Every song tells a different story, and that's admirable. These four musicians can play, and they do it with ease. Another thing i want to say is that there is a KILLER bass solo in "Thirty Second Conversation". It's hard to have favorites on this album, as all the songs are sheer awesome. If I had to, I'd say personally, the best tracks are 2, 6, 7, and 9. Again, those are tough choices.

Get this album while you can. Unless you live in Alaska, finding a hard copy is next to impossible. I strongly believe that the Drunk Poets would have been huge if they were in a more connected locale. But, as we know, a lot of the best music goes unheard.

To its credit, this album will stand the test of time. It is a tremendous first effort and is more deserving of a perfect 10/10.

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