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12 Ratings

Fall of the Roman Empire

Tim in Tenn

I learned to love history while listening to this podcast about the fall of the Roman Empire. Sex, greed, betrayal, madness-it's all in there. Dan's compelling storytelling makes it seem as relevant as current events and as salacious as tabloid headlines.

Everything Dan puts out is awesome


I'll admit I'm a fan of history, but Dan's storytelling abilities are just compelling - I think he could get anyone interested in the topics he covers. There's not a lot of guys who could put out like 10 hours of content on the fall of the Roman Empire and leave you wishing for more. I got hooked on Dan's free history podcast and have been buying up his older episodes ever sense. Most of his stuff I'll listen to again a year or two later - it's that good. His stuff is never boring ever.

Favorite episodes from the world's finest podcaster


Dan Carlin is an amazing storyteller, and succeeds overwhelmingly at conveying the greatest stories of our past. These stories are so incomprehensibly fantastic, that is difficult to imagine that they actually happened, to people just like you and me, and yet they did. And yet somehow some people manage to make them boring to many people. Not so with Carlin. With a "quality over quantity" approach, he delivers massive shows--often many hours in length, and leaves you glued to every second of them. Finally someone who knows how to do history justice. And he does it show, after show, after show. Also check out his other podcast, "common sense." Every. single. show. I have heard thus far of his is worthy of 5 stars.

This series, and the series "Blueprint for Armageddon" I consider to be his best to date. Especially the epic, 5 hour long final part (which I listened to all of, mesmerised, in one sitting). I knew of Julius Caesar's significance to history, of course, but I was never aware of what a fascinating man he really was. Politically a liberal, almost populist figure, and yet an absolute dictator of what was nominally supposed to be a Republic. The victor in a long, merciless, battle for control of the entire civilized world, and yet known for being "a good guy." I could go on, but I won't do it justice--why don't you take a listen for yourself?

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