14 Songs, 45 Minutes


Ratings and Reviews

MJ Truth ,

Beautiful Gospel album!

Really took me to church! Keep up the good work Jason!

T2Revell ,


goes from throw Mj under the bus to doing songs about making love to an invisible magic man.... tsk tsk

ELSavier ,

Keep doing what you do!

I didn't even know you sang this kind of music. I learned about you with the whole Michael Jackson music thing and tell you the truth, I loved it! I know it wasn't the real MJ, no ones is, but same could be said about you, me, and everyone else. Everyone one is unique and not one person has the exact same life. Yet we could all be One in Christ. Keep praising Him! and hey if you ever did more MJ stuff (which you totally should) I'd get it. You really do have some of his tone and vibrato. Peace