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Where's the whole ablum


This song is a classic, but seriously where's the whole album: BALLOO LOO, BALLOONY! or perhaps the greatest electronica song no one's ever heard of: The American Dream - it has a sample of Richard Nixon, RICHARD FING NIXON, saying "The American Dream does not come to those who fall asleep." Absolutely freaking epic. GET IT NOW iTunes!!!


Remix Enthusiast,

This is the best 1990's hardcore rave song ever made. "I'm Raving" was a great LA Style track, as well.

About L.A. Style

L.A. Style made chart history in 1992 when their single "James Brown Is Dead" became the first rave track to appear in Billboard's weekly pop rankings. Primarily the work of producers Denzil Slemming, Maxx Mondino and Fonny DeWulf, L.A. Style debuted with the "James Brown" single, far and away their biggest hit. A self-titled LP followed in 1993, but by the time the group resurfaced a year later with the single "Raving on L.A. Style," their 15 minutes of fame had elapsed. ~ Jason Ankeny

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