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If you haven't seen the series...


It is a must watch show. This music brings the images to life and gives the scenes emotions. The show is trippy and not like any other superhero genre series or film. Perhaps this does to the X-Men and Avengers franchise what Logan and Deadpool did to those franchise. This is a dark series and the music choices for the score and the other tracks used from Rolling Stones, T Rex, Nina Simone, and many others keep you emotionally invested in the story.

I recommend the soundtrack as well.

About Jeff Russo

Jeff Russo began his career with Los Angeles-based adult alternative rockers Tonic. Russo moved to L.A. in 1990 and formed Tonic with his friend Emerson Hart. They had a hit right out of the box with 1996's Lemon Parade, which spawned the irrepressible singles "If You Could Only See" and "Open Up Your Eyes." Parade went platinum and set up the release of 1999's Sugar. Tonic's third album, 2002's Head on Straight, received two Grammy nominations. The band was a great showcase for Russo's guitar work and songwriting, but by 2004 he was branching out. With work continuing on his solo album -- which he was writing and playing in its entirety -- the multifaceted Russo wrote a ballet, wrote music for commercials, and got involved in producing. ~ Johnny Loftus

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