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liner notes from Loöq Records


Loöq Records celebrates its 200th Release by summarizing their 1st seminal decade as one of San Francisco’s original house electronic music record labels. Founded by Jondi & Spesh in 1998, and with roots dating as far back as 1992, Loöq Records has been around for the bulk of electronic music's heyday, and for a good bit of the music's rise to dominance in global club culture.

Loöq was there when MTV launched its fledgling electronic music show, "Amp", supplying five music videos for Loöq tracks during its short but influential run on US national TV. From there it was quickly on to the world stage as a "progressive" mainstay and supplier of tunes to every DJ from Paul Oakenfold to Sasha & Digweed, Danny Tenaglia and hundreds in between, then firmly into this new millennium of anything-goes, genre-bending electronic music that fills today’s fractured clouds of streaming sounds.

This 200th release includes classics from such prolific San Francisco-based artists as RND(), Jondi & Spesh, Momu, The Activity, and Reza, as well as rare underground one-offs from Dial Freaks, Chuck N Roll, Those Two Guys and more. As the label’s global reputation expanded so did the artist roster, to include music from Oslo, Paris, Chicago, Chicago, London, Japan, and Australia.

Loöq’s reputation also grew because of Qoöl, a hugely successful weekly club event founded by Jondi & Spesh. Held in an art gallery in downtown San Francisco, Qoöl was famous for its energy, and the always-up-for-it audience was the first to hear new music coming from the label. These were heady days with the music scene burning hot, A-list DJs volunteering to perform at Qoöl just to experience the vibe, and a steady stream of tracks rolling through Loöq Records that moved crowds at home and across the world.