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A message from Wedge of Anti-M


In the absense of any reviews at this time I am posting here bits of reviews that have been sent over the years to the anti-m web site: Predominantly a synths-based album, it features the odd song, short link narrative tracks, the occasional electric and electrifying guitar solos, spooky voices buried in the depths, some mighty flowing lead synth lines from the three musicians and a staggering 21 tracks in sixty-eight minutes. The mood of the album is pretty varied from intense multi-synth darkwave flows of warming music through more delicate refrains from guitar and the massive synthbank that surrounds and envelops the mix, to the D.Mode style songs, on one of the strangest albums I've heard in ages. A.G. CD Services Rocking guitars, satan, Surf, and a sense of humor, this is programming heaven. Very well done and very enjoyable. Rockin' Patrick BC Haunting vocals and sublime guitar intonations combine for a memorable and riveting experience. --Chris Monrad Wedge and the boys from Anti-M have created a masterpiece in No Waves In Hell. There are so many great songs on this CD that I keep coming back for more. I particularly like Meltin Penguins, Yuppie Music and the title tracks. Anti-M's versatility, creativity and injection of humor and satire into their music, makes listening to No Waves fun. Buy this CD, share this music with friends, and join the Anti-M wave. --Dave Crist

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