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Great Recording!


Probably the best ocean waves recording on the market for several reasons. First, the sound quality is awesome. With headphones on, you'll swear you are right there. Second, the recording is long: 73 continuous minutes of the sound of the surf without track changes or interruptions. Third, there are no extraneous sounds like squawking birds or distant boats. Only the natural sound of the surf is featured - no wildlife sounds or musical accompaniment. There is a fade in and a fade out at the end to allow smooth repeat play. The "Sounds of Nature by Joe Baker" series has many excellent "new age - environmental" sound recordings. A favorite is "Thundering Rainstorm" and "Sound of Summer Rain." Perhaps you can search with the term "Joe Baker." This is a good album for the baby's room!

Ocean Sounds...This is the BEST!


Because i live by the ocean i know what a crashing wave sounds like, and this track is the closest thing to hearing the ocean on the beach personally. This recording is like having your own personal beach vacation on your ipod. Great for sleep or for around the house. The crashing waves sound so real because they are. The recording does not sound like some digital crap, it sounds like the crashing waves of wrightsville beach or any beach. I highly recommend buying this track, it is a great buy and i love it!!

Ocean and Rain

SDSU Film Guy

I guess I got spoiled (or iTunes caught on). I got the Joe Baker rain CD for the price of a single song. Yeah, that's the whole album for 0.99! It's great, so I thought I'd get an ocean disc of his. Only to find out it's $10. He is really good and I'd recommend him highly, but I just don't think I have the heart (or cash) to pay for this after experiencing it as such a shocking increase.

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