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6 Ratings

Simply the Best New Age Vocal Album


After listening to a couple of the tracks on the album I realized I was in for something special. Song three blew me away and from then on it was a special listening experience. Reminiscent of Enya, the singer Seay [pronounced 'Say'] offers a wider range and more flexibility than that artist. Seay has a vast musical background as well as lots of life experience and has seen lands overseas. This rich experience with a foundation in the Classical and Operatic as well as vast piano expertise makes for a most unique album. The songs are magical and the vocals of this lady range from dreamy, powerful, mystical, and sweet. Of course there's tons of talent {and experience] on the CD, from instrumentation to engineering to production. One quick example is solid LA vet bassist Jerry Watts. The album has tons of vocals, lots of textures, layering, effects, and a lush rich sense. Magic was what J felt. But beyond that feeling is a solid dose of spirituality and connectedness. There's a semi-cover of the 'Kyrie' with "Kyrie The Calling." I felt good listening to this work. While it falls roughly into the 'New Age' genre and clearly in the 'Vocal' category, it is simply THE BEST vocal New Age album I have ever heard-- be that from a male or female. "Love is the Ocean" and "Angelica" are two tunes that like some of Enya's stuff could easily get pop airplay. Clearly SEAY has one of the best female vocals around--J don't mean in the U.S. or in New Age, but in any style and in any place. Her voice is a musical instrument. I'd love to hear her sing with less synth and effects and more acoustic backgrounds. I think she could sing all kinds of styles and leave her unique vocal imprint on our ears. There's almost something for everyone on the album. Some big dramatic songs, some more towards the imaginative, others are slower and more pensive. But all are great and highlight a fine talent. Do yourself a favor and get a copy of this AWESOME CD. Clearly some of the best vocal work you'll ever hear. Highly, highly recommended.

Euphoric Diva

ListenUp (~)\(~),

Seay's voice is an instrument & her songs flow in a very sensual, soothing manner / leaving the listner relaxed & refreshed. @ least that's where I find myself time & time again. This is excellent mood music. Enya / Annie L sure / but I hear shades of Euphoria here. Play them side by side & you'll have a very inspirational / uplifting time. Seay just rose to the top of my New Age Diva collection. Thank you.



Amazing! Favorite? Sirens song:)



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