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Customer Reviews

A bizarre collection of tidbits but perhaps the cover art says it all!

Within The Coil,

DAMAGE was the first Anti-M album I purchased and I followed that with POSITIVELY NEGATIVE. Both are quite different from each other and both are quite different from this album. it H-Hurts is in fact a collection of remixes, mostly from the bands second album. Along with some song from a movie they soundtracked this album is filled with the unexpected. For the most part it is keyboard based music but some of the guitar work really is good (security, Iniki) and the 15+ minute SENSORY OVERLOAD CHAMBER is a bit bizarre showing a bit of progressive rock and a complete disregard for following any rules of musical structure. It is almost like something Pink Floyd would have done in 1970. Considering the odd collection of songs I would say this is one for the fans, which I now am, so if you are looking for a entry album for the band I suggest Damage, or Positively Negative. Save this one for when you need more of the band and can't get enough.

Quirky collection of remixed songs (a note from wedge of anti-m)


This is a remix album of songs from our first two albums, mostly instrumental versions of songs that had vocals on them originally. The first four tracks are from the movie YOU ONLY DIE ONCE which we supplied most of the soundtrack for. It also includes the full version of the sensory overload chamber which was cut short on NO WAVES IN HELL due to limitations in hard drive space back in 1993.

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