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7 Ratings

Review from Journeyscapes Radio


“In the Garden” is the fourth release from Seay (pronounced ‘say’) – a highly gifted musician, composer and singer who plays piano and keyboard, as well as provides all vocals on this album. Produced, arranged and written by Seay, she is joined by other musical talents that include Rob Beaton, Leon Bisquera, Butto, Erik Darken, Jules Delgado, Scott W. Hallgren, Varsha Gowda, Ricky Kej and The Raevolution Orchestra, Wouter Kellerman, Karthik K, Geoff Koch, Stephen Peppos, Jeff Silverman, Jonathan Smith, Bret Teegarden, Pat Thomi, Vanil Veigas, Jerry Watts Jr and Hitoshi Yamaguchi. This amazing team lends additional acoustic, electronic and indigenous world instruments throughout, such as guitar, bass, flute, cello, percussion, sitar, santoor, digeridoo and string arrangements. Beautifully packaged with detailed, vivid artwork and photography, “In the Garden” immediately whisks the listener away on a trans-global adventure of natural wonderment.

“Beautiful Earth” sets the tone of the album with sweeping orchestration as Seay sings an uplifting lyrical tune. Co-produced and arranged with Ricky Kej (who also worked on the song "Anima Mundi"), and featuring flutist Wouter Kellerman and The Raevolution Orchestra, this vibrant and colorful piece conveys a picturesque landscape filled with lush green forests, crystal blue rivers and glorious mountain ranges. “Dream” follows next, a more tranquil piece that seems to behold Earth’s radiant beauty with its wordless vocal layers and harmonious strings. Another highlight in this vein is the album’s title piece, “In the Garden”, where sparking chimes, ethereal vocals and a pristine arrangement of various instruments illustrate an earthly paradise. "Oceanus" begins with the sounds of ocean waves and seagulls, an especially captivating piece that Seay arranged with Nashville orchestrator-arranger Geoff Koch. Carried by tribal percussion and a chanting chorus accompanied by piano and strings, the atmosphere and arrangement of this more lyrical, upbeat composition reminds me somewhat of Enya’s “Orinoco Flow (Sail Away)”, as it ebbs and flows like the waves of the sea. Likewise in this mode is “We Are One”, an equally mesmerizing composition with a unifying global theme characterized by mellifluous orchestration and soul-stirring lyrics. A reprise of “Oceanus” closes out the album on “Into the Blue (Oceanus Reprise)”. Like ferrying away at sea on a clear sunny day, the piece concludes with the soothing sounds of whale-song amidst gently rolling waves.

Sure to have far-reaching appeal among a diverse listening audience, “In the Garden” is one of the most delightful vocal-centric albums I’ve heard in years. Stylistically, it bears resemblances to Enya, Adiemus and Marcomé, although Seay possesses a signature sound of her own. An extraordinary amount of detail and effort was put into this recording, with every twist and turn taking the listener around the globe, as if viewing scenic places on earth from above. Combining the finest elements of new age pop, world-instrumental and neoclassical music, “In the Garden” is a top-tier musical production and prepossessing work of art!

Review excerpt from Music and Media Focus


“In The Garden” by composer, vocalist, and instrumentalist Seay (pronounced “say”), is one of the most uplifting, richly orchestrated, and lavishly produced recordings I’ve heard in some time, on a level with the work of renowned artists like David Arkenstone or Enya. In fact, while some of Seay’s vocals and arrangements may evoke favorable comparisons with Enya, she indeed has her own unique style that integrates a much wider range of world music influences. With themes that include love and respect for the earth, the oneness of all life, and more, In The Garden is an exquisitely detailed and deeply inspirational musical experience.

The album opens with Seay’s collaboration with GRAMMY winners Ricky Kej and Wouter Kellerman on a song called “Beautiful Earth.” The arrangement and orchestration are jaw dropping, and clue the listener in right from the start that this album is going to be an extravagant listening experience. Not to overdo the above-mentioned comparison with Enya, but I will just say that people who love the music of Enya, will be certain to enjoy this as well. In addition to the diversity of world music elements, one of the things that distinguish Seay is the content of her lyrics, which are all focused on universal spirituality, environmental awareness, and higher consciousness.

Seay expressed a particular gratitude for track 3, “Oceanus,” and the reprise, “Into The Blue,” which concludes the album. In her words: “I composed this piece to the word “gratitude” after reading The Hidden Messages in Water by Dr. Masaru Emoto. I made a very positive free flowing intention with my energy to say thank you to the waters of the world for it’s life giving presence.” The album’s title track is an elegant composition that relies less on rhythm and more on Seay’s ambient keyboard textures, piano, and angelic vocals accompanied by Hitoshi Yamaguchi on cello. There is plenty of rhythm, however, on the next track, “We Are One,” provided by percussionist Erik Darken, as well as Pat Thomi and Jules Delgado on guitars, bassist Jerry Watts, and Geoff Koch on keyboards and orchestration. This piece has more of a symphonic pop feel with Seay’s beautiful vocals that speak of the interconnectedness of Life.

The attention to detail throughout this album is astounding. Every song, whether ethereal or rhythmic, is characterized by lush production and outstanding musicianship by Seay, her accompanists, and studio personnel. Incidentally, there are many others, too numerous to mention, who played or contributed to the album. But in addition to the technical and creative aspect of the recording, is the intention and meaningfulness of Seay’s lyrics that makes “In The Garden” such an uplifting listening experience.

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From MainlyPiano


"In the Garden" is the fourth music release from vocalist/composer/pianist/keyboardist Seay. The album features an impressive list of musicians from around the world that includes Ricky Kej, Wouter Kellerman, Stephen Peppos, and The Raevolution Orchestra from Bangalore, India. Seay composed most of the twelve tracks, sometimes singing lyrics and sometimes using her voice as another musical instrument in the ensemble. With the events of the past week (the massacre in Orlando, FL, more shootings in Oakland, CA, the explosive rhetoric of much of the Presidential campaign, etc.), I initially found myself resisting the unbridled optimism and positivity of this album and Seay’s messages of love and unity, but then it knocked me upside the head just how much we need these messages and reminders of how beautiful the world is and how we are all cut from the same cloth. This unifying force and caring for everything that exists in the world and even the universe are really the only things that can save our civilization and bring humanity together to make this a better, safer, and more loving place to be for generations to come. Thank you, Seay, for doing much to restore feelings of hope and the reminder to appreciate what we have!

"In the Garden" begins with “Beautiful Earth,” an anthemic song of praise that features Kej, Kellerman, and The Raevolution Orchestra behind Seay’s passionate and uplifting vocals, which are often layered to sound like several voices. “Dream” is a beautiful song without words that has a gentle flow and a soft, dreamy feeling. “Oceanus” is a song of gratitude that includes sounds of seabirds and waves crashing. The title track is a gorgeous instrumental (with wordless vocals) that captures the magic and wonder of one of my favorite places to be. “Hearts Afire” was composed and arranged by Geoff Koch. It’s a graceful yet very powerful instrumental that includes haunting, wordless vocals. “I Will Love You Still” is a love song, pure and simple. Sung with sincerity and deep emotion, it’s a beauty! “Seraphim (Breath of the Angels)” is my favorite piece on the album. Piano, keyboards, and ethereal layered vocals send this one peacefully soaring to the heavens. The closing track, “Into the Blue,” is a reprise of “Oceanus” with vocals but no lyrics.

"In the Garden" is a breath of fresh air just when the world needs it most! Recommended!