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11 Ratings



Assimilate Regenerate has stayed in my regular rotation of albums (and, in parts at least, in my regular practice routine) since its release in 2011. I know every song by heart, and have often caught myself humming the melodies. And while a number of great instrumental guitar-driven albums have been released since 2011 (Loomis, James, Olsen, and many more), AR has remained my favorite instrumental album and easily one of my favorite albums of any kind.

The Human Afflication has been a long time coming, but it's been well worth the wait. I'm still too much in the honeymoon phase to objectively compare it to AR, but it's undoubtedly a worthy follow-up. Paul's playing is as technically astonishing as it's ever been, and his songwriting is intricate but melodically accessible. The guest solos are a nice touch - Per Nilsson's is especially mind-blowing - but at the end of the day it's not the speed or the technicality that keeps you coming back, but how seamlessly it's blended into infectious hooks, evocative solos, and fist-pumping choruses. This is Paul Wardingham at his self-produced best, and it's really something special.

Beyond Human is right! Won’t let me rate 9 stars. :(

Good Little Devil

All the metal without the headache of screaming.
This man is SERIOUSLY talented. Having played on Ibanez (left handed, mind you) for the last 15 years, I have come to appreciate their range of crunchy metal sounds… Paul has not only mastered the 7 string Ibanez, but also learned to milk every last possible sound from his creative mind, and poured it into this album. I found him as a suggestion after listening to Angel Vivaldi, but I’ve long forgotten about him… Paul Wardingham is all over my radar!

I also purchased Assimilate Regenerate, after hearing 'Ghost in the Machine’. For all those metal fans who HATE scream-o, and just love the music: BUY THIS ALBUM YESTERDAY!!! The harmonies, melodies, and synth beats are more than good when paired with the futuristic synth overtones… Move over, In Flames… You just got tamed by a tiger!!!

High Quality


Great for your programming, working playlist. It’s complex enough my ears steal bandwidth from my other senses and I can just listen and focus on my work. No bad tracks to skip. Awesome.

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