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Steve Roach is one of the great, albeit unheralded, musical artists of this generation. His music tracks the development of the first truly significant shift in music since, let us say, the invention of modern music-making machines (the piano, saxophone, etc etc) in the 18th century: the advent of wave-forming electronics. His mastery of this new form of sound-production is profound; he is the greatest electronic composer working today--mainly because he has understood how to employ this technology in such subtle, immersive (a word he rather favors) ways. His manipulation of time and space is mysterious--it shouldn't work but it does; you wake up after an hour inside this guy's head and your mind has been shifted, taken to a new sonic space. He can cook (the "Skeletons") and muse for over an hour over...what? Whatever is is, it's profound and, ultimately, humanistic. Which is, essentially, what any new technology should accomplish: to enrich and enrapture the walking monkeys who have invented it.

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