15 Songs, 59 Minutes


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29 Ratings


Devin Grant

One of the most beautiful piano albums I've ever heard.



Paul's music touches me so much. I own all of his albums. His willingness to share his talents with us while he is waiting for his heart transplant inspires me. His blog reminds me to thank my Lord above for all of the gifts that I have received. God Bless you and may he find that perfect heart for you soon.

I know, I'm probably the billionth person to put 5 stars ...


but I have never been so moved by music in my life! The first song I heard by Paul Cardall was "Redeemer" ... and I just sat there listening with tears in my eyes! I have never heard a more beautiful depiction of Jesus. I know there have been so many people in debate about this song, but I personally experienced God as I listened to this. It's probably the most beautiful piece of music I have ever heard in my life. All of Paul's pieces are beautiful and well composed. I'm usually one to go for pop or an orchestra score, but I think this tops them all. I recommend "Redeemer", "I Love To See the Temple", "Reverently, Quietly", and "Embraced" (all on different albums).

About Paul Cardall

Contemporary jazz pianist Paul Cardall was born April 24, 1973; suffering from a congenital heart defect, he was given only days to live but defied medical expectations, enduring a series of surgeries and illnesses throughout his childhood. Finding comfort in music, Cardall began piano lessons at age eight but quit six months later, not playing again for a decade. While in high school, however, tragedy struck when one of his best friends was killed in a car accident; a grieving Cardall spontaneously composed a musical tribute, going on to write a dozen more songs and in 1995, privately pressing an album. Around that same time he took a job playing piano at a local department store during the holiday season, and selling his record to customers; one copy of the disc made its way to author Richard Paul Evans, the writer of the best-seller The Christmas Box, who invited Cardall to write and record a musical adaptation of the book. The resulting album, also titled The Christmas Box, was released in 1997; upon signing to the Narada label, Cardall reissued the album two years later in conjunction with a new effort, The Looking Glass, which, like its predecessor, drew inspiration from Evans' novels. Cardall issued two albums in 2002, Daily Devotions and Miracles: A Journey of Hope and Healing. Stone Angel has distributed many of his releases, including 2004's Christmas Hymns, Vol. 1 and 2007's Songs of Praise. His 2009 effort Sacred Piano began his relationship with Shadow Mountain Records, the label that released his 2011 effort New Life, which debuted at number one on the Billboard New Age Charts. He released two albums in 2014: Saving Tiny Hearts and New Life. 40 Hymns for 40 Days was released in 2015, and A New Creation followed in 2016. ~ Jason Ankeny



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